We cover Northampton, Milton Keynes, Peterborough & Surrounding Areas

Professional Oven, Hob and extractor fan cleaning


Yes. We will need you to sign off the work once complete but we enable you to book an appointment that suits you most via our self booking system

Absolutely, we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Self-cleaning ovens have liners and interiors that are designed to burn off debris left behind from cooking. However if the oven temperature doesn’t reach the high temperatures required this process will not happen. Often the liners of this type of oven make it hard to actually see the grease build up. So yes we recommend that you get your oven cleaned nonetheless.

We recommend you build this into a six month schedule.

Our technicians are not engineers and can not undertake repair work. However we can conduct minor upkeep like changing bulbs or filters. There is a nominal charge associated with this service.

We clean in Northampton, Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. We are happy to travel further but you will incur an additional charge for our mileage – but we’re confident we’re worth it!

No one wants to be seen dead with a dirty oven but do you really need to pay for someone to clean it? It is such a dirty job why would you want to do it yourself? Call us today on 07576 611439.